Ruby Jewellery

Ruby Jewellery featuring Ruby Pendants and Ruby Rings.
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Ruby Jewellery
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All Ruby Jewellery items are securely delivered and fully insured for peace of mind. The pendants and rings come in very presentable natural-wood boxes to complement the jewellery and make excellent gifts.

More About Ruby Jewellery

Ruby Jewellery featuring natural mined rubies, set into solid gold and sterling silver settings. The precious metal settings are strongly made to hold the gem securely and are fully hallmarked to current British standards, so quality can be assured.

Ruby the birthstone for July, Ruby is a symbol of Passion and Love and is said to allow the wearer to attain inner peace and contentment. The beautiful red colour of ruby is the most important feature, pigeons blood red is the colour most sort after. When a ruby is pigeon blood red and also possesses high clarity, the market price escalates, as these rubies are extremely rare.

Ruby is a magnificent gemstone desired for its beautiful red colour and high durability. The red colour can have overtones of pink, orange and purple colours, the most desired and highly-priced rubies have a colour described as pigeons blood red.

This prized gem can be seen in crowns, sceptres and ceremonial regalia in many of the royal households that have existed over millennia. As well as the red colour, it was also prized for it's hardness and durability. Ruby is a member of the corundum family and is very hard and durable, being 9 on the Mohs' scale of hardness.

See Ruby Information in the Gemstone Guide A - Z (Gemstone Information menu - above) for a more detailed description. The Ruby Mill Gemstone Care guide gives advice on cleaning and the general care of gems and jewellery.