A collection of Opal Gemstones from around the world.
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Opal Gemstones

More About Opal Gemstones

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia and deserves the title by virtue of its sheer beauty. This unique gemstone has many varieties and displays more colour pattern variations than any other gem material. The colour may range from one single colour in one opal to every colour imaginable in another. The colour may also vary from soft pastel colours to rich vivid colours, giving great variation to this beautiful gemstone.

Opal also displays special effects such as the ‘rolling flash’ where a flash of colour rolls across the surface of the gemstone as it is turned. There are also rarely found colour patterns such as the Harlequin (blocky pattern), Chinese writing and Picture Stones that display scenes and other images. Good examples of these opals fetch very high prices on the collectors market.

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