Opal Jewellery

Opal Jewellery featuring Opal Pendants and Opal Rings. [Read More]


All Jewellery is securely delivered and fully insured for peace of mind. Pendants are mounted on a display chain, solid gold chains are available to purchase, as shown on the individual product pages. The jewellery boxes are natural polished hardwood to complement the jewellery and make excellent gifts. Free secure delivery to all UK destinations.

Opal Jewellery

Opal Jewellery

Opal Jewellery, made using solid precious metals and high-quality precious opal. The gemstone is described as precious when it displays fiery colour patterns, that often change in a fascinating way as the gemstone is turned or rotated. The display is called a play-of-colour, a beautiful optical effect not seen in common opal. See Opal Information in the Ruby Mill Gemstone Guide for a more detailed description.

The opal jewellery is fashioned in both symmetrical styles such as ovals, tear-drops, triangles (trilliants) etc and non-symmetrical free-form styles. With their non-symmetrical shapes and varying colour patterns, free-form opals make unique pendants. No two are exactly the same.

The precious metal settings are individually made and are designed to be robust. Bezel settings offer not only good protection from damage but are very easy to clean. See the Gemstone Care guide for advice on cleaning methods and the general care of gemstones.

The Inlaid Pendants are made of solid gold and feature high quality Australian natural crystal opal. Made in various styles, from classic tear-drops to chunky ingot styles, they are very attractive pieces of jewellery. Inlays display beautiful colours, some appear as bright fiery flashes as the pendant is turned and viewed from various directions.