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Site Information

Weights and Dimensions

All gemstone weights are in carats (ct): 5 carats = 1 gram.
All setting weights are in grams (gm).
All dimensions are in millimeters (mm).

The weight and dimensions of the gemstones and complete settings is carried out on accurate instruments. The tolerance may vary, but only 'very slightly', when measured on different makes of instrument.

Media Presentation - General

All media on the website has been presented in good faith. The colour of the products may appear dissimilar when viewed using different Browsers, different makes of Video Screen and with different Screen Settings.
The Video Screen used to test the product images is a Fujitsu XGA LCD set to 32 bit colour.

Opal Videos and Photographic Images

The videos are reduced greatly in size to allow internet downloads at a reasonable.
speed for dial-up connections. This reduces quality, but the videos still give an appreciation of the play of colour displayed by the opal. The intensity of red colours in the videos is greatly reduced and appears mostly reddish-orange or muted.
White opals are notoriously difficult to photograph and in some cases almost impossible to video. Difficulty arises when trying to show the opals 'white base colour' and its true 'play of colour' at the same time. Never-the-less videos have been used for some white opals to try and represent the play of colour on a white-as-possible opal background.
The colour presentation of the gold metalwork may suffer under the required camera settings. Whereas, in a ‘real life viewing situation’ the gold is always well presented.
The colours seen in opal, their density and brilliance vary in different types of light. I.e. in non-diffused incandescent light an opal may show brilliant colours, including intense shades of red. The colours may become pastel when the same stone is viewed in diffused fluorescent light and the red colours may be muted. This is due to the absence or reduction of some light wavelengths in the fluorescent lamps light spectrum. Full spectrum fluorescent lamps will again show good colours and brilliance.
Indirect sunlight is generally the best light in which to view an opal.
See 'gem information section' for further information on opals.

Gemstone information

The information on gemstones shown in the ‘gem info pages’ is gathered from many professional sources and is for appreciation only. The gemstone property figures given are typical figures and vary slightly between gemmological (gemological) sources. For example, some sources may give a range of figures that only describe minerals suitable for cutting as a gemstone for the jewellery trade.