Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery including Gemstone Rings, Pendants and Necklaces. [Read More]

  • A Large Blue Sapphire Pendant in Solid 9K Gold

    Sapphire is the September Birthstone.
    The gemstone of faithfulness.

  • Songea Sapphire Pendant in 9K Solid Gold

    Sapphire is the September Birthstone.
    The gemstone of faithfulness.

  • Golden Citrine from Brazil.

    Citrine is the birthstone for November and is associated with success and achievement through clear thinking and new ideas.

  • Richly coloured pink tourmaline set in a solid handmade chunky style ring, weighing 7.19 grams. A 1.46 carat natural gemstone showing lots of bright violet-pink flashes.

    Ring size: UK - N, EU - 53 3/4, USA - 6 3/4

  • An outstanding dress ring with a 3 carat Brazilian Aquamarine gemstone.

    Ring size: UK - N , Eur - 53 3/4, USA - 6 3/4

  • A Natural Yellow Sapphire from Thailand set in a solid handmade tarnish-resistant silver ring.

    Gemstone Jewellery made with silver that stays brighter for longer.

    Ring size: UK - M, EU - 52 1/2, USA - 6 1/4

  • An emerald cut Amethyst ring showing bright violet flashes through a darkish body tone.
    A very attractive dress ring.

    Ring size: UK - N, EU - 53 3/4, USA - 6 3/4

  • A precision cut rhodolite gemstone showing rich saturated colours. Beautiful red flashes radiate through the facets of this richly coloured gemstone.

  • Gemstone jewellery featuring a 14x10mm AAA grade Swiss blue topaz.

    Blue Topaz is the modern birthstone for December and is meant to enhance attractiveness, intelligence and happiness.

  • The pendant features a 9x7mm olive green peridot, displaying bright yellow flashes through the facets of this finely cut gemstone.

  • An oval cut Rubellite from Nigeria, with a superb bright red colour. This attractive stone is untreated so the colour is natural and stable.
    An attractive high quality gemstone.

  • The pendant features a 10x8 mm Rhodolite in a Checker Board facet style. The rhodolite is a raspberry red colour and has a very nice luster. Beautiful red flashes show through the many facets of this high grade stone.

Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery

Ruby Mill's Gemstone Jewellery features a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones from around the world. We source popular gemstones for their high quality, bright sparkly appearance and beautiful colours.

Our jewellery settings are handmade using precious metals including bright sterling silver or solid gold. Our gemstone rings, pendants and necklaces are well made to hold gemstones securely.

Gemstone rings are an excellent way to show your style, and a gorgeous ring can help you stamp a sense of authority onto your look. Ruby Mills Gemstone Rings are handmade from radiant precious metals and are the ideal sentimental jewellery gift for your loved one. Pair it with an elegant necklace or pendant to complete your look.

Gemstone pendants are a precise way to show your unique style. At Ruby Mill, we have an extensive range of beautiful, versatile gemstone pendant styles. Ruby Mill’s full range of beautiful pendants offers something for every woman and every occasion.

See ruby mill Gemstone Guide to familiarise yourself with a particular gemstone. Our Gemstone Care guide gives you advice on cleaning and the general care of gems and jewellery.

All gemstone jewellery items are securely delivered and fully insured for peace of mind. The pendants and rings come in very presentable natural-wood boxes to complement the jewellery and make excellent gifts. Buy handmade gemstone jewellery UK today and get free secure delivery to all UK destinations.