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Aquamarine Gemstones

More About Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine is thought to bring peace and serenity and is used by some as a meditation stone. In the past it was worn by seafarers to protect them from the dangers at sea. The Latin name aqua marina, meaning ‘water of the sea’ was named by the ancient Greeks to describe the gem material of light or darker shades of green-blue or blue-green.

Aquamarine is a light blue to dark blue and sea green variety of Beryl. Most material has high transparency and clarity giving light coloured stones a very bright appearance.

The name aquamarine means 'Sea Water' in Latin and describes the colour that was most popular in the past (bluish-green). The most popular colour in recent times is blue, hence greenish stones are often treated to remove the green component.

There are those who still favour the natural colour of the sea green stones believing them to more characteristic of aquamarine.

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